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PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 13 All-new Rewards

During this PUBG mobile season 13 there are some exciting rewards for the players. PUBG mobile season 13 starts from 13th May on wednesday at 5:30 AM.

PUBG Mobile received the 0.18.0 update last week that brought a ton of new features and changes to the game, especially they made some changes in Miramar map. This new update is also called Mad Miramar. The theme of the new season 13 Royal Pass is based on oy Playground and the new season will bring new outfits, a new series, and some changes as well.

Royal Pass Season 13: What you get in the Royal Pass?

As suggested by the name, PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 will bring several toy-themed items to the game. In the new Royal Pass, the players will get a chance to choose between two Cartoon Rangers. They, can go with either Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger when they reach Rank 50. At rank 100, players will get the Ultra Defender Set.

There is also a Puppet Agent outfit that comes in three forms, which players can mix and match. Reaching the highest rank will upgrade this outfit to mythic rarity.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 will bring a redesign of the RP mission reminders on the result page to make tracking mission progress easier. Players will receive reminders at the beginning and the end of the season as well. Additionally, the K/D (Kill/Death) data in the player information area will be changed to Average K/D per match.

Here are some detailed photos of rewards from level 1-100

These are the rewards from season 13 Royal Pass. We can get 600UC back after reaching Rank 100. There are some more new modes like Bluehole Mode,Jungle Adventure and Guncraft Finishes are yet to come.Notably, the developers have not shared the release date for these modes as of yet.

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