Redmi Earphones

Redmi has teased the launch of its new Wired earphones in India via the Tweeter account. Redmi shares two teaser videos, where we get to know about the overall design and color options of the earphones. The earphones are set to be launched in the country on September 2. These earphones may sport a 3.5mm connector that is angled at 90 degrees.

The first teaser shared by the company carried the hashtag #WiredForEverything and shows an in-line microphone, essentially confirming that these are wired earphones. The second video shows an outline of the earbuds and the 3.5mm connector that is angled at 90 degrees.

The video also suggests that the earphone comes in three colors – black, red/ orange, and blue. The earphones will have silicone tips for passive noise cancellation. The second clip shows a manual weighing scale followed by the earphones’ outline with a tagline that says “just 13 grams heavier than air.” Redmi Earphones will have Hi-Res Audio, feature 10mm drivers, and sport a metallic body.

The Realme earphones are offered in black and white color options. The earphones also have a built-in high-definition (HD) microphone and a remote with a button to control music playback. The earphones are priced at Rs 399. It is expected that the alleged Redmi Earphones will also be available at a similar price.

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