Samsung’s new Galaxy S series features an under-display selfie camera which will be the successor of Samsung Galaxy S20.


During the first half of the year, Samsung released the S20 series and now we got the leaks for its new generation smartphone. A tipster claims that the Galaxy S21 (name unconfirmed) could feature an under-display selfie camera.

A tipster made a tweet for Samsung may be working on the under-display selfie camera. Samsung will feature this under-display camera in Galaxy S21 first. We can see it will be called Galaxy S21 from the past few series Samsung announced Galaxy 10 series to Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11.

In the past, Xiaomi and Oppo have shows the prototype smartphone with an under-display selfie camera. But the quality of photos taken from those cameras was not that good. These problems due to insufficient lighting and pixel count in the area of the screen where the selfie camera is placed.

Only Samsung will overcome these problems because Samsung makes the best OLED panels. Apart from that Samsung new Galaxy S series comes with Android 11 and probably has the next-generation Exynos processor. This is it for now if we get some other updates related to this we will feature in our upcoming posts.

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