Whatsapp Logo as seen on screen

Whatsapp is the most popular app and in Top 5 in terms of users. Due to this popularity and a huge number of users, 3rd party developers like people at Gbmods and others are trying to create mods for WhatsApp which are better than Official Whatsapp in terms of flexibility, Functions, and customization of the chat screen and other theme options.

Due to an increase in popularity of unofficial WhatsApp mods on internet Whatsapp is temporarily banning users from using apps like Gb Whatsapp, Whatsapp +, Yo Whatsapp and other different mods.

What does a Temporary ban on WhatsApp mean?

The temporary ban is WhatsApp or rather say Facebook’s way of telling users that this version of Whatsapp is not supported by Facebook (Parent Company of WhatsApp).

In Simple Words, Facebook is giving you warning to use Oficial WhatsApp app or Whatsapp for Business app by Facebook or they might permanently ban your Whatsapp Account.

Can You Reduce or skip Ban time?

NO, There is no option for users to skip ban time.

What to do After the ban Period Ends??

  1. Go to more options
  2. Tap on Chats
  3. Tap on Chat Backup
  4. Tap on BACK UP button
  5. After Back up done go to file manager
  6. find the folder named “GB Whatsapp ” or Folder Created by Modded Whatsapp
  7. rename that folder to Whatsapp
  8. install official WhatsApp from play store
  9. Verify Number
  10. Popup of Back Up found will appear.
  11. Tap on Restore then click next

Whatsapp encourages users to use official WhatsApp applications for privacy concerns